Case Histories and Testimonials

After several years of being unable to walk without pain I was referred by my GP to Mr Brew, who made it very clear at my first appointment that the only way forward for me was bilateral hip replacements.

He explained everything very thoroughly, put me at ease about what seamed daunting news and gave me reassurance and confidence to move forward.

Following the success of the first replacement, arrangements were made for the second. Mr Brew left the decision about when that would be up to me. His care for me at every stage has been fantastic.

I found the whole ‘Yorkshire Clinic experience’ so positive. Every one of the staff, without exception have been caring, helpful, pleasant, efficient and reassuringly professional.

Special thanks to the nursing staff for their superb care, attention and help. The physio team were wonderful and so quick to get me back on my feet, walking unaided and without pain around 6 weeks post op.

My grateful thanks to Mr Brew and the whole team involved with my journey.

As a result of their treatment I have been able to walk miles during Covid ‘lockdown’ and feel as though I have been given my life back.
October 2020
BILATERAL total hip replacements
From consultation to my operation on all went well. All staff were polite and efficient. Nurses and physiotherapists were all excellent and hard working.
I find the Yorkshire Clinic is a very pleasant environment to have surgery. Plus excellent free parking for visitors!

After having increasing pain in my lower back and right hip for a number of years, I was referred to Mr Brew by my GP. The x-ray of my hip and pelvis showed that the right hip was badly worn and that my pelvis had a distinct slope downwards from left to right, making my right leg appear longer than the left. This made me walk with a limp and a bent back.
Mr Brew was concerned that this condition could make it more likely that the new hip replacement would dislocate. He therefore ensured he acquired the best possible hip replacement kit to minimise the chance that this would happen.

After the operation an x-ray was taken and confirmed the ‘new hip’ was correctly positioned and somewhat unexpectedly, the x-ray showed the pelvic slope had now gone and my hip joints were now aligned.

Since then I have made a good recovery and I am now able to stand and walk in an upright position. There is no pain in the hip and minimal back pain which was of great concern to me.

At all times Mr Brew was helpful, caring and showed great attention to detail. Thanks to him and his team I am now enjoying pain free walking and exercise.

Many thanks to all concerned, including all staff at the Yorkshire Clinic.
October 2020
Total hip replacement
I chose the Yorkshire Clinic for a shorter waiting time and it was about 12 weeks -great.
All the staff were very pleasant and efficient at every stage.
The written information and support was clear, comprehensive, precise and concise.
I saw Mr Brew on a number of occasions before and after surgery. He clearly answered all my concerns and queries especially as I had to return shortly after surgery due to swelling in my leg, ankle and foot. He was reassuring and I had numerous additional tests within 24hrs of expressing my concerns.
Follow up physio was good with individual assessment of progress and exercise plan.
The nurses were attentive, caring and compassionate, ensuring I was kept as pain free as possible.

I am VERY pleased with the outcome of my surgery and would not hesitate to recommend Mr Brew and the Yorkshire Clinic.
PS Great secretarial support (Mrs Adi Hewitt) -thank you.
September 2020
total hip replaceent
Dear Mr Brew,
Quite some time has now elapsed since the arthroscopy of my right knee on 19th February 2020. It is now over 4 months, just before COVID 19 emerged that I attended the Yorkshire Clinic for my operation.

I am now happy to be able to write to you personally to thank you for initially accepting me as a patient and completing what has been an amazingly successful treatment.

Since the day I was discharged from your care there was an immediate improvement in my mobility and within a week I was able to perform tasks that previously had been impossible. I have been completely without pain and your intervention has been life changing.

I have also written to other members of your team to thank them for their skills and kindness and would have no hesitation in recommending you personally and the Yorkshire Clinic to anyone in need of surgery or treatment.

Although the Yorkshire Clinic was some distance from where we live (Lancashire) and my husband and I were quite stressed, concerned and uncertain about what lay ahead, we were immediately welcomed and reassured by the reception team and nursing staff.
Should the need arise for me to have any further knee surgery, I would certainly ask my GP for a referral to you as my Consultant.

Mr Brew, once again many thanks and my best wishes to you all.
September 2020
Knee Arthroscopy
Dear Mr Brew,
‘I was delighted with the level of care I received from everyone at the Yorkshire Clinic’.

I couldn’t have been happier with the care and support from everyone and at every stage of my care program. The whole procedure was clearly explained to me in the build up to my operation day. I was apprehensive about having an operation without a general anaesthetic but after hearing the benefits associated I decided to go ahead and found it to be exactly the correct advice.
I recovered quickly once I returned to my room and was soon relaxing with the TV and a nice meal.
The ward team and physiotherapist soon had me up and about gaining confidence once back on my feet.

In my case my recovery was fast as I had the replacement at a relatively young age. I was walking with just one stick after just a couple of weeks and back to work just a few weeks later (office based). I am now 11 months after my operation and my new hip feels great.

I find it hard to believe that I have gone from severe pain day and night to feeling almost like new in such a short time.

Thank you very much to everyone that helped me.
Kind regards
August 2020
Total Hip Replacement
In the previous two or three years before my hip operations the pain was dreadful. It affected my life in many ways having always been active, gardening, walking the dogs etc. I have a high pain threshold having had two slipped discs inn my middle thirties and have since suffered with my back periodically.

Since my hip operations I have never looked back as I have no pain at all , thanks to you Mr Brew!

The nurses and the physiotherapists were all very nice to me and took care of me while I was in the Yorkshire Clinic. I thank everyone that took part in my recovery, especially Mr Brew.
August 2020
Bilateral Total Hip Replacement
Just over six weeks ago, I underwent a total hip replacement at the Yorkshire Clinic under surgeon Mr Christopher Brew.

Having spent the past eighteen months on crutches to alleviate the pain, I now find myself totally pain free and have been so from day one following the operation, and now use only a walking stave for stability and peace of mind when walking other than in the house.

From the day of my referral, I regarded the operation as being a partnership between patient and surgeon and the months leading up to the operation date had embarked on a rigorous programme of daily exercises-those which one is advised to do post op.
Therefore, by the day of the operation I felt better able to cope with the post op trauma. As it happens I have not experienced any trauma whatsoever. I was discharged on the second day following the operation and was walking around my cobbled village a day later- still adhering to the post op daily schedule of exercises as advised for this type of surgery.

When the weather has been poor, and pavements potentially slippy (and cobbles positively dangerous underfoot), I have taken buses to destinations where I know there are shopping centres (flat and sheltered)and on fine days have walked along the canal towpath.

Exactly six weeks to the day following my operation I was able (using my crutches for stability only) to walk for four hours over fairly challenging terrain, and ascended over 600ft to a view point monument. I had a companion with me as a ‘pathfinder’ and took no risks.

The feeling when we had completed the walk and got back to the car for our coffee and snack was incredible.

I was on an adrenaline high, not having been able to do this for the past couple of years due to the pain. I told Mr Brew that the feeling was that of Lazarus having been raised from the dead-a dramatic statement but true.

I feel that I am getting my old life back again, having become increasingly less able to lead a fully active life. Not able to join my family on walking holidays, having to think through every walk we took- how far, how tough, any climbing any styles etc … and always using crutches to try and alleviate the pain.
My short stay at the Yorkshire Clinic was akin to being in a hotel: a spotlessly clean room with bathroom ensuite, good food and smiling competent staff looking after your every need. What more could one ask for when embarking on a major operation.

To sum up: the operation has been 100% successful and my gratitude to Mr Christopher Brew and the staff at the Yorkshire Clinic knows no bounds. To be free of pain after so long is nothing short of miraculous. Very many thanks,
Total Hip Replacement
I first experienced severe pain in my back on the 20th August 2016 following a days gardening. My GP in a telephone consultation diagnosed it as probably sciatic and recommended rest and physiotherapy. This did not improve and I had persistent pain over the next few months until in February 2017 another GP said she thought the problem was my right hip and sent me for x-rays. This confirmed her diagnosis and I saw two consultants in Cumbria about having a hip replacement and was placed on a list in May 2016.

In December 2016 I received a call telling me that because of the Government instructions to not carry our such operations that I would have to wait at least another 6 months for my operation.By this time the pain in my hip was getting much worse and as I am a sole carer for my wife we were getting extremely concerned about the immediate future.

Consequently I contacted the Yorkshire Clinic and was offered an appointment with Mr Brew for two days later.

We attended the Clinic the week before Christmas and were immediately impressed by the reception we received and following an x-ray we were interviewed by Mr Brew.

I have to say we were immediately impressed by Mr Brew who made us feel very welcome and most importantly made us feel ordinary people, not two senile old people.

Mr Brew was very direct and straightforward, he showed us the x-rays and gave his candid opinion which I agreed with that my operation should have been done some time ago. He explained the procedure and the timescale and told me that if I wanted him to carry out the procedure such was the damage to my hip he would do the operation very early in the new year.

Mr Brew made both my wife and I who were at a very low point in our lives over my hip problem much happier and we both felt confident about asking him to do the operation.

The operation was carried out on the 3rd January 2018 On the day of the operation I arrived at 12.30 as requested and was immediately escorted to my room and the days procedure explained to me. I was also asked to don the gown etc. I was then visited by Mr Brew and later an anaesthetist who explained the procedure.
At 2.30 I was taken to theatre and given an injection in my back. I actually fell asleep and therefore do not remember any details of the operation and I woke up at 5.00pm in the post op room where I was given sole attention by a nurse. This was very reassuring.
Whether I was supposed to stay awake I don’t know but I feel going to sleep was the best thing ever. In due course I was taken up to my room and had a light meal.
The following day Mr Brew came to see me and the physiotherapists came and explained the various exercises and dos and don’ts following my operation. I was discharged on the 6th January and came home. For about a week after I came home I was obviously cautious and also felt a bit unwell but from Saturday 13th January onwards my hip area got better and better.

However, by far the best thing is that I no longer have the extreme nagging pain every time I move and I would recommend anyone who needs this operation to have it as soon as possible.
Total Hip Replacement
I have had two hip replacements one in July and the other in December. I was very mobile after 3 weeks and back to normal by 6 weeks after surgery.

If I had not had the operations I would have had to use a wheelchair most of the time.

My wife has dementia and it was possible she may have had to go into a care home because I would not have been able to look after her. Now my life has been transformed.

I would like to thank Chris Brew. He is the most considerate and caring man. He has changed my life. I would also like to thank his team and all the nurses who looked after me.

I can’t give you 10/10, it has to be 1000/10! Thank you all again.
Total Hip Replacement
After 18 months of pain in my right hip, I made the decision to have surgery after the consultation with Mr Brew. He explained in detail how the surgery and procedure would be performed and I felt very reassured.

I had my operation at the Yorkshire Clinic. Mr Brew visited me afterwards and explained that the procedure went very well. After care by the nursing staff was incredible and I was checked at hourly intervals for any pain and swelling. I was then visited by the physiotherapy team who were brilliant in encouraging me to walk straight way on my crutches and in managing stairways.
The next day I was discharged and at home managing stairs and walking with one crutch. I am now pain free, walking long distances and back to playing golf.

This operation has totally improved the quality of my life and I cannot thank Chris Brew and the whole team enough.
Total Hip Replacement
The level of care I received a the Yorkshire Clinic was phenomenal.

On the day of my procedure nurses, anaesthetist and theatre staff were absolutely fabulous, friendly and professional and really put me at ease. I cannot sing their praises enough. My room was extremely comfortable and the food was lovely.

Mr Brew (my Saviour) after 2 ½ years of increasingly debilitating pain in my left hip and feeling at such a low ebb, I now feel I have been given back my life.

On day 5 following my procedure I was taking long walks along the canal as was routinely following my exercise programme set by the lovely physio team. I have gone from strength to strength and was stick free at 7 weeks, no limp and was able to walk upright. Fabulous! A very, very massive heartfelt thank you to Mr Brew. I will be eternally grateful.
Total Hip Replacement
‘Could not be more satisfied with treatment-medical and personal. I was made comfortable during, before and after the operation. Yorkshire Clinic staff and accommodation were First Class. Thank you!’
Verified patient​
‘A really great experience. The staff and the hospital were First Class and I wish to thank Mr Brew for the hip replacement that has brought my life back again. Walking, cycling, golfing and no pain after 7 weeks. Splendid !!’
Verified patient​

"Mr Brew and his staff and nurses were excellent in every respect. Absolutely First Class".

Verified patient​
"Thank you for the lovely kind assistance of your secretary, Mrs Adrienne Hewitt. So appreciated her help rescheduling my appointment after the original had to be cancelled due to illness. She was a Gem".
Verified patient​
"Could not have been better. Every member of staff was excellent in every respect. In 24 hrs I went from being in so much pain I could not function normally, to having no pain apart from the soreness from the surgery".
Verified patient​

"The whole experience was absolutely fabulous. Mr Brew was excellent. Thank you to him for giving me my life back. All staff were professional kind and courteous at all times".
Verified patient​

"I am a 69 yr old man who had pain in my hip doing simple tasks including walking, climbing stairs and other daily activities. Now thanks to my hip replacement surgery I am a new man. Do not fear this operation, just go for it and feel reborn. Thanks to Mr Brew and his team I am now a pain free 69 yr old man.
Thank you".
Verified patient​
"From entering the hospital until I left everything , the nurses, anaesthetist and the surgeon were just perfect and afterwards the physiotherapists. I was so happy to be treated by these people. They were so friendly and professional at the same time.
I have had more discomfort from having a tooth filling".
Total Hip Replacement.
Verified patient​
Dear Mr Brew,

What can I say! I am out of pain since my operation day. Thankyou is such a small word to say but no other word can I display. My life has changed and I owe it all to you, so a very big THANK YOU for what you do.

Verified patient​
Dear Mr Brew,
I write to thank yourself and your team for your care and for looking after me during and after my hip replacement at the Yorkshire Clinic. I would also like to thank all the nursing staff who were fantastic and the ladies would brought my meals and drinks. I was a little apprehensive at first but you all gave me confidence and I just knew I was in safe hands. Thank you all.
Verified patient​
Dear Mr Brew,
On June 12th you operated om my left hip. I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and the staff at the Yorkshire Clinic . I am now back on my feet and at last walking level.
Thank you again for a good result. C Mountain
Verified patient​

Thank you so much Mr Brew for ‘sorting’ my knee for me. It is just wonderful these last few weeks. Please will you put me in your queue for my left knee now as it is also very painful.

Verified patient​

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To Mr Brew,
Many thanks for your wonderful care and support in performing my right hip operation. Sometimes thank you is not enough.
Verified patient​
Dear Mr Brew.
We are so grateful to you for treating us both (knee and hip). We feel we have regained at least 4 years and life is so much better. Thanks you to all your wonderful and efficient team.
Verified patient​
"Many thanks to yourself and members of your staff for all the care and attention given to me in my operation. This success has given me a boost for the future".
Verified patient​
To Mr Brew,
With grateful thanks for your skill and care given to me during my recent operation.
Verified patient​
Dear Mr Brew,
A little note to say a big thank you to you and all your colleagues. I could not have been treated any better had I been Royalty. My hip is absolutely fine and I must thank you again for giving me back my full life.
Verified patient​
Dear Mr Brew,
Thank you so much for giving me my quality of life back with my new hips. We are so lucky to live in this country with all this wonderful treatment and dedicated people like yourself. I will be eternally grateful to you and cannot thank you enough.
Verified patient​

Mr Brew,

I would like to thank you for both knee operations.
Verified patient​
Mr Brew
Just a small token of thanks for the magnificent job you’ve done on my hip.
You are as the card says “simply the best”. From a very happy patient.
Verified patient​